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Bamboo skewers for export

Bamboo skewers to be exported to foreign countries must be quality bamboo skewers.

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Raw materials for export bamboo skewers must be good materials. That is the bamboo selected must be old bamboo, because the old bamboo will make quality bamboo skewers, not being stripped, easy to break. In addition, it is necessary to select bamboos that live in an environment that is guaranteed, not polluted by the environment, as this factor will affect the quality of bamboo skewers as well as the health of users.
Second: The production process must ensure. In the period of the production of sanitation issues is put on top, this is the stage to decide the quality of products. When bamboo is brought back, it will be dried, then cut into pieces with the length of the bamboo skewers exported. It is then put into a splitting machine and a bamboo skewer machine to form a product. After the export of bamboo skewers has been completed, to ensure that the clean bamboo skewers, bamboo skewers will be passed through the UV-ray machine to kill bacteria. This stage very few people do, because it costs money, so bamboo skewers do not guarantee user health

Finally: Export bamboo skewers will be packed and put into containers, depending on the requirements of the order, the packaging design will be different. Then export bamboo skewers are put on board to export abroad.

Bamboo skewers to be exported to foreign countries must be quality bamboo skewers.

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