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Bamboo poles, bamboo sticks

Source of bamboo materials for export such as dry bamboo, long-range trees, and luong trees are not regularly exploited in large quantities, therefore, for export orders, in order to meet the quantity requirements, The preparation time must be at least 30-45 days (depending on the period of the year)

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Supplying bamboo poles, bamboo sticks according to export orders with stable quantity and quality, meeting the fastest time for customers with the best price in the market.
Currently, VietMost Bamboo is the focal point for collecting bamboo material areas nationwide, meeting the demands of exporting bamboo poles and exporting bamboo sticks according to different requirements and standards of domestic exporting enterprises. , as well as customers, work abroad.
Focused materials for export include:
– Dry bamboo: With a diameter of 1.5cm – 6cm, maximum length of 5m
– Long range trees: With a diameter of 3cm – 7cm, maximum length of 6m
– Bamboo: With diameter from 8 cm – 12cm, maximum length 6m
With some requirements for other export bamboo materials, depending on the quantity and time of order, Viet Sun BamBoo will meet customer requirements.

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