PRODUCT MANUAL – Công ty cổ phần xuất nhập khẩu và thương mại VietMost


Subjects of application: Tray, box, bamboo cutting board (products made from pressed bamboo)
Guidance on product hygiene
Step 1: Choose the appropriate cleaning solution: The solution has a low concentration of detergent (it is possible to dilute common cleaning solutions); Lemon and salt solutions dilute 5%; Warm water…..

Step 2: Wet the soft cloth into the solution, and wipe it evenly over the product. Note: For greasy products, it is possible to rinse under a strong tap to remove grease, then wipe with a cloth soaked with detergent solution.

Step 3: Rinse with clean water

Step 4: Dry with a clean towel

Step 5: Place on shelf and cool place


Do not immerse the product in water
Do not use high concentration cleaners
Do not place the product in a microwave oven or oven
Do not expose the product to the sun