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You can rest assured online shopping on bamboo-rattan.com with a flexible return policy, applicable to orders from August 6, 2019.

All products on bamboo-rattan.com are subject to the policy of “Protection of 100% shoppers”, allowing consumers to change returns within 7 days in case of breakage when shipping , wrong delivery, lack of delivery, technical errors, or not as committed on the website.

Content of the policy of exchanging goods at bamboo-rattan.com
bamboo-rattan.com is committed to selling new raw materials and ensuring the right quality of the manufacturer. At the same time, the product that the customer receives must be intact, consistent with the information described on the Trevua.com website.

If the product you receive is not in accordance with the above commitment, please inform Trevua.com within 48 hours from the time of receipt. Trevua.com would like to refuse to support any complaints regarding the status of the product in case you notify Trevua.com after this time.

Products that do not meet the above requirements will have time to make the change within 07 days from the date of receipt. The policy of changing and repayment policy is as follows:

Name change policy Protection of rights of buyers 100%
7 day
Change when goods are technically defective, broken, or not as committed on the website Apply
Change when not satisfied Apply
Money back guarantee (**) Apply

The product you request to return payment must be checked for quality. bamboo-rattan.com will change the new product or refund the full value that the customer has paid for this product if the product meets the required return conditions (**).

The process of returning the goods is done when the package is returned to the trevua.com warehouse. We will take the next steps to check product quality and proceed with exchange / return or refund according to your request. Some conditions may be included, please refer to the details below

  1. Conditions for returning goods
    All items purchased from bamboo-rattan.com and not on the limited list below can be returned within 07 days from the date of receipt (unless otherwise stated). We only accept returns for products with original conditions, unused products, including and not limited to:

+ Whole packaging and packaging are not broken, broken.
+ Full parts, details, accessories.
+ Warranty stamps / stamps, brand stamps, technical instructions and gifts (if any), etc. must be complete and intact
+ No dirty, scratched, broken, damaged, strange smell or signs of being washed or used.

2. Return shipping fee
+ Change products: bamboo-rattan.com assists customers to change free of charge to any products that are sold on the booth with the same or larger product value (you only pay the shipping fee, in the school If the error is due to wrong order, bamboo-rattan.com will be free of charge for the change of orders for you), if you change to a less expensive product, bamboo-rattan.com does not support redemption.

+ Returns: bamboo-rattan.com charges 30% of the total value of the product (excluding shipping fees) for returned orders due to non-acceptance (not due to technical errors or delivery), ie Customers are entitled to a 70% refund of the product value through a bank account or phone scratch card

For more information or inquiries, please contact us via the support phone number. Sincerely thank.